What do you get?
  • A daily email containing a video, lasting from the first of December until Christmas Eve.
  • In these videos I will teach you easy-to-learn songs that have a Christmas feel.
  • Short videos, around 5 minutes in length each.
  • A Facebook group to connect with other participants.
  • Extra energy and tranquility during a busy month.
  • No traditional Christmas songs but songs that were written especially for this Christmas Calendar.
What will you experience?
  • Fun.
  • Singing creates chemicals in your brain, which results in a better overall mood.
  • Me-time in which you express yourself in the most easy and playful way possible.
  • Accessible for everybody: people who love to sing as well as people who believe they can’t.
What do I have to pay?
You don't have to pay anything!
Normally, this Christmas calendar is €44 of worth, but this year it's free of charge!
What do others say about this Christmas Calendar?
You are brilliant. Music, singing, piano playing..and English. Big heart hugs xxxxx
Patsy Sweeney
Translated from from Dutch:
Day 10. GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!
What a woooooooonderful song! I can't stop singing it.
Sandra Verheij
Dear Ellen, everyday it's a joy to sing with you, heartwarming and so cheerful! Thank you very much, I enjoy every moment.
Anky Floris
This daily course will add joy and relieve stress in a busy December month. I hope to see you in December!
Get a taste of what it's like:

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